Tips For Shopping On Poshmark

Tips For Shopping On Poshmark [Updated: 2019]

Updated: February, 2019

I'll be the first one to admit that I have a shopping problem. I find myself endlessly scrolling through Poshmark and eBay (if you haven't forgotten, I love to thrift and online thrifting is best) for hours at a time. Then I'll switch to Tumblr only to see something I like to then switch BACK to Poshmark to keep shopping again. It’s just how I roll.

Even while typing this, my jeans are from Poshmark. Surprisingly, nothing else I'm currently wearing is since I'm normally wearing all things I've bought from Poshmark.

I don't really sell on Poshmark either. I prefer Poshmark to Depop since it has a lot more commercial brands. Mercari doesn't have the best interface although shipping is cheaper. I haven't tried any others so if you have suggestions, let a girl know! Anywhere, here are my tips for shopping on Poshmark.

Vintage dress - $15. Seller: ssssavannah

Vintage dress - $15. Seller: ssssavannah

Tip #1 - Go beyond

My first tip for shopping on Poshmark is to go BEYOND BRANDS. Some of my favorite terms to search for are "sold out" or "shopbop" or "blogger" since it'll show trendy, highly-coveted items. Even try “LF Vintage” to get shown the Furst of a Kind brand if people aren’t familiar with the actual brand name.

Tip #2 - What is the waist size?

Ask for measurements! Since Poshmark doesn't have a return policy, this can save you from purchasing something you won't really like. The trick to online shopping is to have measuring tape on hand at all times so you can compare numbers with theirs. Keep our own measurements in your notes on your phone so you have them on hand!


Guess gold bandage dress - $70. Seller: afracaro07

Guess gold bandage dress - $70. Seller: afracaro07

Tip #3 - Plan, plan, plan!

Plan ahead! Don't order something if you have a function coming up in a week. Sometimes sellers are really great at shipping things out but others are not, so prepare for the worst! I’m really bad at this. I have an event in 3 days and I buy something and expect it to show up the next day but life doesn’t work like that.

Tip #4 - Make An Offer

Use the offer button (but don't low ball) - I've gotten some GREAT DEALS by just making an offer. Sometimes, sellers will even offer a “Counter Offer” that could be a somewhat higher price than you offered, but still lower than the listing price.

Tip #5 - Sizing & Prices

Update your size! The app is a blessing and then your size appears when you go through the settings! Change your price range and look up clothing by colors and specific fit too (for jeans, dresses, etc.)


Levi Jeans - $40. Seller: elizdismukes. Tiger Mist Crop Top - $35. Seller: sbrig009

Levi Jeans - $40. Seller: elizdismukes. Tiger Mist Crop Top - $35. Seller: sbrig009

Tip #6 - Think about it

Sometimes I find myself being an impulse buyer. It sucks! I'll make an offer on something without checking measurements only to get it in the mail and realize I 1) have it already or 2) it doesn't fit me. If you REALLY want something, you won't stop thinking about it. Trust me.

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Where else do you shop? Let me know!


Lilliana Dee